Monday, June 30, 2008

Dimarzio Pickups Review: HS-2 DP-116 and YJM DP-217

Yesterday, for some reason, I finally got my two, new and unused, Dimarzio single coils (an HS-2 DP116 and a YJM DP217) out of the box under my PC table and tried installing it in my trusty Yamaha Pacifica 112.

I put my old Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker (circa 1996) at the bridge, the HS-2 on the middle and the YJM on the neck positions. At last, my Yamaha Pac is now fully upgraded into a Dimarzio-powered axe!

When I plugged it into my Cube-60, I was amazed at how different it sounded NOW.

What was once a weak, uninspired tone for the stock Yamaha pickups were now more defined, fuller and more clear sound. I can't believe I waited that long before installing the two Dimarzio single coils pickups.

The cleans in the neck and middle positions were so crystal clear. Though not like the text-book glassy Fender tone many want to have, for me it was more than enough.

I noticed that the humbbucker at the bridge was louder and edgier that the 2 single coils and is more suited for metal/rock type of songs and guitar solos. This was expected as the Super Distortion has a higher output than the HS-2 and YJM.

What made me really happy was that the tone from the single coils were what I've been searching for so long for a clean tone. I was quite ecstatic over this.

I also took out my Epiphone LP Sunburst Plaintop to compare the sound. By the way, my LP is also Dimarzio-powered. It has a PAF Pro at the bridge and a Humbucker From Hell at the neck.

The PAF Pro a bit sounded similar to the Super Distortion at the neck, though less edgier and more laid back. But for the neck/middle position tones, it was a world of difference. The YJM and HS-2, hands down, sounded more defined and clearer to me than the HFH in the LP, which now sounded just a tad muddy COMPARED to the single coils. But LPs are supposed to be muddy at the neck, ain't they?

Looks like I got myself a new pet axe!